Commercial pest management.

Published on 31 August 2021 at 12:18

This weeks focus is on our commercial pest control. We have set up several sites this week including a Youth hostel, a small cafe and a larger industrial unit. These clients care about there staff and customers alike by having pest control and helping to maintain a pest free environment. We offer a cheaper alternative to larger pest control companies, yet I feel a much better service. As with all our cover for commercial premises one price is for the cover of rats, mice and insects, not separate prices for each. 


Having worked for one of the larger companies as a cover technician, I understand the frustrations that come with dealing with such a company. Their large size often means that the "smaller" client often misses out on the benefits of dealing with a large company and often gets put on the back burner. There were many times when I worked for the larger company where I was instructed to ensure their key accounts get serviced first. I felt that this was wrong and often went to the smaller sized or independent business first. The next problem with the larger companies is that the staff numbers needed to operate at such a large scale often leads to a lack of quality, which again was something I saw every day working for the larger company. This leads to overall poor customer service and if the customer saw what I saw on a daily basis they would be shocked at what they were paying for. The picture for this post is the quality of pest control at that company and shows the length between visits, I attended this site in March of 2021, the last visit to this place was on the 4th September 2020, seven months after the prior visit. This is not acceptable by any standards and certainly will not be featuring for my business. But this shows what companies and businesses are actually paying for...... the name and nothing else.


The properties I have installed pest management for this week will have the best quality pest control, customer service and attention. That is our guarantee. We will also make sure that we actually turn up within the window of attendance and agree a time for the appointment. All this for far less than they were paying before. Our promise is always to provide quality for a fair price and commercial pest management is our speciality. Our promise to all customers in commercial and domestic premises is always the same, we will never let you down, we will always provide the best customer service and provide the best value for money.

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