Rodent season is starting

Published on 19 September 2021 at 12:21

In today's blog we are targeting the mouse and rat issues that have recently been inquired about. This is the time of year where the colder nights make the rodents find shelter in warmer places. This is usually houses, office blocks, warehouses and any other indoor area, including sheds, garages and other garden buildings. With rats and mice being able to spread disease, damage property, damage food stuffs, damage your reputation and cause a nuisance, it is of upmost importance to rid your property of these pests. If you are a domestic property it is far better to get a professional service in to help rid your property of the pests. For commercial pest control it is far more cost effective to have a monitoring program put in place. This allows a professional pest control company to monitor your premises and act as soon as signs of pests are noticed to stop a heavy infestation before it starts.


The photos above are from a residential property in which the rats had gained entry into the building through an open hole and set up residence within the customers property. They had eaten many crisps, which were removed to stop them destroying good food. They then proceeded to eat fruit, biscuits and anything else they could get their greedy paws on from the worktops in the kitchen. This is now being dealt with by us, although these are extremely clever little rats and are proving to be worthy adversaries. Although some of the hardest rats we have ever had to deal with, we are now starting to gain control of the situation.


One of our commercial pest control customers have also this week had a rat issue, with them gaining entry into the building using old pipe holes in the wall to gain entry. These have been much more easily dealt with having readily accepted our bait. Once we have seen two clear visits we will then proof the hole and continue a monitoring program for the company to ensure this never happens again. Before setting up a commercial premises with their pest control, we carry out a detailed inspection of the premises and show where the problem areas for future ingress can be found. We proof the building and then set up the business with bait points for the targeted species and carry out regular visits to ensure they remain pest free. So if you need pest control for rats or mice in your business or home, please get in touch. Thank you again for reading.


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