Commercial Pest Management


All businesses are at risk from many pest species, the subsequent infestations and the problems associated with an infestation. These problems include damage to reputation, property, equipment, stock and the spread of disease to staff and customers alike. Here at Stealth we aim to work closely with all our commercial clients to ensure a pest free environment is both managed and maintained. Pest control can be expensive, yet our aim is to provide a service with the best quality pest management at very affordable prices. This provides maximum protection with a quality service, which correlates to value for money.


If you currently pay for a pest management service, do you actually know the quality of service you are being supplied? For the majority of our free surveys, the customers that we provide a report to are often shocked at the poor service they are being given. This often leaves your premises at a high risk of infestation even though the customers are paying for such protection. This also coupled with many pest control companies (usually the big ones) very rarely attend your site on time (if at all), again, raising the risk of infestation. Here at stealth we guarantee your time slot for attendance and if we do not show on time, you will not pay for that visit and this will be credited back to you as well as the visit being carried out at a later date. We also offer you the chance at any visit to attend with us and inspect the quality of our work. This gives you peace of mind that the job we carry out is the quality we promise and always deliver.


We offer a free survey to any potential clients, which assesses your current pest control and show how we can beat your current service provider on quality of service and/or price. We aim to beat any genuine like for like quote/contract by a minimum of 10%. If you don't have current pest control, we can also provide you with a quote for a professional pest management service at a very competitive price. We also offer the same promise for proofing jobs, one off treatments and our disinfection services. If you need a professional, friendly and informative service, who will work closely with you to help manage your pest control, then please feel free to contact us.


Free Survey £0.00

Obviously this is a free service in which we will attend your site and carry out a detailed investigation of your current provider. If you do not have a current provider we will show how we can help maintain a pest free environment at your business. At the end you will be provided with a detailed report on how we can improve your pest control management.


Inspection Service £99.99 (excl. VAT)

If you are experiencing infestations or need to find out where your business is vulnerable to infestation, we offer an inspection service to help identify key problem areas. Again, you will be provided with a detailed report on any areas in which will improve your premises pest management, control and riddance of the pest species.


Pest Management Programs from £30 (excl. VAT) per visit

All of our pest management programs are tailor made for each premises and we take in to account how many visits you need per year, the size of the premises and the species of pests you need protection from. The prices start from as little as £45 per visit, but this is widely variable.


One Off Treatments from £120 (excl VAT)

This again is dependent on the species targeted but we have a free call out service to investigate the problem and then we will provide a no obligation quote for the work. But again, this is dependent on the size of the property and the species of pest.



Once again this is dependent on the type of proofing needed. We offer a free survey and provide a detailed report showing what proofing work needs carrying out and how we will carry out the work.